Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Second Project at IFS as an Intern

It was a requirement of the training division itself, and an idea of Nalin, my training manager. He wanted me to write a C# GUI application, which will automate a hectic, tedious manual process. They already have a pretty old GUI, which is capable of doing 2/3 of work that the new tool should cover. But the problem with that is they need to follow a process which is sequentially ordered and they have to closely watch till one step over to proceed with the other step. So a successful solution will save lot of money and effort.

I was not familiar with any of scripting languages before start up of the project. The most challenging task was to find a scripting language which can be used to automate a Windows GUI. After searching in the Internet I found a scripting language called AutoIt (AutoIt), which is capable of automating Windows GUIs, and also very easy to learn type of language. After went through some tutorials on AutoIt, I started writing small scripts, which are basically will automate a simple installation process. Next I got familiar with the tool that is currently used at IFS. After designing a process view I implemented the needed functionality.

GUI is a most important part of an application, which I haven’t done enough thinking into. But Nalin gave me wonderful ideas and best practices of designing a GUI, which I think will help me in my future work as well. GUI has created using C# programming language, such that it takes the minimum possible inputs from a user.
·         GUI consists with four steps.
·         Easy to use, user friendly design.
·         User will be guided through steps, minimized the number of scary messages.
Following our the screen shots of the GUI.

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