Sunday, December 13, 2009

MatrixManipulator 1.0 is released....

I have released Open extension MatrixManipulator 1.0 today, 13/12/2009.

You can download it from following link:

It still in the implementation phase and I hope to release improved versions soon.

Please put a comment on that extension, on the extension page, because it will immensely help me to improve this.

Hope you get a Graphical User Interface solution for Matlab, up to some extent in the area of matrices.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

MatrixManipulator 1.0 is going to be released.......

Here is the overview of the project:

Project Overview

Code Base:

Type: Extension for Calc & Math

Name: MatrixManipulator 1.0


The MatrixManipulator 1.0 is addressed to anyone who is following Advanced Mathematics. This can be used as an extension for both Calc & Math. It's really useful to have a way to check your solutions for the problems on Matrices, that encourages me to develop such thing.

Constraints of the MatrixManipulator 1.0: Since this has a Graphical User Interface there is a limit to the dimensions of matrices. The maximum dimension that MatrixManipulator 1.0 can take is 10x10.

m={2..10}, n={2..10}

MatrixManipulator can determine :

  • Addition & Subtraction of two m x n matrices

  • Scalar Multiplication of a m x n matrix

  • Multiplication of m x n matrix with n x m matrix

  • Transpose of a m x n matrix

  • Whether the given m x n matrix symmetric or skew symmetric

  • Inverse of a 2 x 2 matrix if it is invertible

  • Whether the given two matrices are inverse of each other

  • Determinant of a square matrix

Await for the link that you can download the MatrixManipulator 1.0, in my next post.