Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mid term evaluations of GSoC-2010

It's being a while from my last post, but can't help, I hardly got time to write a post :(.

I had my mid term evaluations of GSoC-2010 in mid July, and I received my results on 17th of July at 01:12 AM through a SPAM mail :D.

Here it is:

Hi Nirmal Fernando,

We have processed the evaluation for your project named Apache Derby-4587- Add tools for improved analysis and understanding of query plans and execution statistics with Apache Software Foundation.
Congratulations, from our data it seems that you have successfully passed the Midterm Evaluations. Please contact your mentor to discuss the results of your evaluation and to plan your goals and development plan for the rest of the program

The Google Open Source Programs Team

This was another thrilling moment to me :). After the evaluation day, I saw following on Derby-dev mailing list, sent by my mentor Bryan.

"I think that the core mission of PlanExporter is to enable the export
of query plan data in a complete and well-structured XML document, with
a documented schema, tested by our test suite.

I think that Nirmal's current patch in DERBY-4587 is extremely close
to meeting that goal. ..."

This boosted me up !! :)
Here's a basic vanilla HTML, that shows a small portion of what I'm doing in Derby.

I have lot of things to post and I'm waiting till I finish my training on 30th of July.
See you soon with a post !

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