Thursday, April 17, 2014

Building your own PaaS using Apache Stratos (Incubator) PaaS Framework - 2

This is a continuation of this post, where I have explained the basic steps you need to follow in order to build your own PaaS using Apache Stratos PaaS Framework. There, I have explained the very first step that you would need to perform on the PaaS Framework using our REST API. Here in this post, I am going to explain how you can perform the same step via Apache Stratos UI.

1. You need to access the Stratos Manager console via the URL that can be found once the set-up has done. eg: https://{SM-IP}:{SM-PORT}/console

Here you need to login as super-admin (user name: admin, password: admin) to the Stratos Manager.

2. Once you have logged in as super-admin, you will be redirected to the My Cartridges page of Stratos UI. This page shows the Cartridge subscriptions you have made. Since we have not done any subscriptions yet, we would see a page like below.

3. Navigate to the 'Configure Stratos' tab.

This page is the main entry point to configure the Apache Stratos PaaS Framework. We have implemented a Configuration Wizard which will walk you through a set of well-defined steps and ultimately help you to configure Stratos.

4. Click on the 'Take the configuration wizard' button and let it begin the wizard.

The first step of the wizard is the Partition Deployment and it is the intention of this blog post, if you can recall. We have provided a sample json file too, in the right hand corner, in order to let you started quickly.

5. You can copy the sample Partition json file, I have used in the post 1, and paste it in the 'Partition Configuration' text box. The text box has an inbuilt validation for json format, so that you cannot proceed by providing an invalid json.

6. Once you have correctly pasted your Partition json, you can click 'Next' to proceed to the next step of the configuration wizard.

Once you have clicked on 'Next', Stratos will validate your Partition configuration and then deploy it, if it is valid. Also you will see a message on top in yellow back-ground if it is successful and in case, your Partition is not valid, you will get to see the error message in a red back-ground.

That's it for now, if you like to explore more please check out our documentation. See you in the next post.

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