Monday, February 11, 2013

WSO2 Stratos-2.0.0 Beta-1 Released

WSO2 Stratos-2.0.0 Beta-1 is Released - 11th February 2013!

WSO2 Stratos2 team is pleased to announce the release of WSO2 Stratos 2.0.0 Beta-1 version.

WSO2 Stratos 2.0.0 Beta-1 is now available for download at [1] and the documentation is available at [2]. Stratos 2.0.0 Beta-1 installed, Oracle VirtualBox image, is downloadable at [3].
WSO2 Application Server Cartridge (LXC based), which is required at the run-time of the Stratos 2.0.0 Beta-1 VirtualBox image, is downloadable at [4].

WSO2 Stratos 2.0.0 is the next major version of WSO2 Stratos 1.x, the most complete, enterprise-grade, open PaaS, with support for more core services than any other available PaaS today.

Key Features
  • Artifact Distribution Coordinator (ADC) with Git and Git-hub integration support
  • Plug-able architecture support for adding new cartridges
  • PHP and MySQL and WSO2 carbon cartridges(ESB, AS etc) support
  • Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) with Cartridge support
  • Autoscaling into different IaaSes (EC2, Openstack)
  • S2 Cloud Controller
  • Multiple IaaS support (EC2, Openstack) through jclouds API's
  • Git based deployment synchronizer
  • Interactive CLI for tenants to manage subscriptions
  • UI for tenants to manage subscriptions
  • Custom domain mapping support
  • Script based Multi-node Installer
  • Local deployment setup
  • Examples
  • Documentation(Stratos2 Installation Guide, User Guide, Architecture Guide, Cartridge Development Guide and Openstack Installation Guide) 
  • Demo Ready Oracle VirtualBox image

You can report issues at [5] and [6].

Road to Stratos 2.0.0 Beta-1 (from Alpha)


  • [SPI-16] - [Cloud Controller] Persist node details to registry
  • [SPI-41] - Cli list command results are not aligned properly.
  • [SPI-47] - ELB should pick the configuration via topology sync
  • [SPI-73] - Apply manager GUI improvements suggestions on feedback
  • [SPI-77] - Improve catching exceptions in ADC service side and Improve all cli error messages to inform the user about real error
  • [SPI-81] - Keep the maximum value of instances per cluster in back end configuration for Beta
  • [SPI-100] - Subscribe fails on concurrent requests

Bug Fixes

  • [SPI-17] - 'Alias' is already taken message isn't propagated and shown by the CLI client
  • [SPI-24] - When scaling down, instances are terminated below minimum number of instances
  • [SPI-25] - unsubscribe operation, when autoscaling option is enabled, doesnt remove the member from ELB
  • [SPI-26] - When Cloud controller is restarted topology info gets reset
  • [SPI-28] - Can't access lb url after subscribed by provided url
  • [SPI-30] - Missing Keypair Name in User Guide
  • [SPI-31] - CLI client should give a more appropriate error when user doesn't add required environment variables
  • [SPI-35] - Management Console in Manager node is not functioning properly
  • [SPI-36] - "virtual host only interface" its define as "vboxnet4"
  • [SPI-37] - INFO logs need to be replaced by DEBUG logs
  • [SPI-39] - Command line tool show wrong help when an action with mandatory arguments is called without the mandotory arguments
  • [SPI-40] - After subscribing to a cartridge GUI it goes to an error page
  • [SPI-42] - Domain mapping entry in Registry is not removed when the tenant unsubscribed to that cartridge.
  • [SPI-44] - Topology Builder thread spinning issue
  • [SPI-45] - Error in setup-demo script (w.r.t. keyPair property of a cartridge).
  • [SPI-46] - Incorrect log in hosting-mgt's repo notification service when there's only 1 active IP
  • [SPI-52] - Cloud controller path description given in is not correct
  • [SPI-61] - Info command should display repository url of the cartridge as well
  • [SPI-62] - List is not showing correct instance details in latest EC2 image
  • [SPI-66] - Include jars required to agent in default
  • [SPI-67] - Cartridge list command doesn't contain "host name" and "repo url" variables. They are null.
  • [SPI-78] - Changes to be done in carbon image setup file
  • [SPI-79] - When a non-super tenant is logged-in with validation for cli tool, back-end log is wrong. It say tenant domain carbon.super
  • [SPI-88] - "listCartridgeInfo" operation of ApplicationManagementService should throw an exception when the alias provided is not a registered one.
  • [SPI-89] - [Minor] Space is missing in an info log - authenticateValidation operation of ApplicationManagementService
  • [SPI-92] - "addDomainMapping" operation of ApplicationManagementService should throw an exception when the mapped domain is an already taken one.
  • [SPI-96] - Intermittent issue when connecting DB cartridge to php cartridge: Git repo creating error
  • [SPI-97] - Subscribing with a previously subscribed (and unsubscribed) alias wont spawn instances by ELB/ CC.
  • [SPI-108] - Application Server cartridge support in S2


  • [SPI-48] - Remove the deprecated cartridge definition as.xml from the demo setup
  • [SPI-49] - Enable autoscaling by default in the EC2 image
  • [SPI-50] - Add mb_server_url entry to loadbalancer.conf of ELB in the set up
  • [SPI-63] - Test autoscaling in an EC2 environment
  • [SPI-70] - Committing the Git Based Depsync Message to Carbon Core
  • [SPI-86] - Make unncessary INFO logs of ApplicationManagementService to DEBUG

[5] Issue Tracker:
[6] Openstack IaaS Issue Tracker :

-- WSO2 Stratos2 Team --


Wen Andes said...

hi, what if I want to add a second VM to virtual box? How should I set the IP?

Nirmal Fernando said...

Hi Andes, I'm sorry I don't get you. Can you explain what you meant please?

Wen Andes said...

sorry~hah. I mean in the alpha version, if we want to set up two virtual machines in the virtual box, we have to set two "host-only" network adaptors. but in the beta version, the user guide docs doesn't metion this.And also the ip is changed from "" to "". I don't quite understand about the virtual box network setting, so if I want to add a second VM to virtual box, should I add a new "host-only" network adaptor#2?
second, I met a problem after subscribing a php cartridge. I can't access to the page with the url. According to the doc, I had set the /etc/host file with "ip", but still not work.someone said the resolve.conf file also had to be changed, but he didn't tell what to do? would you please help point out the secret? :)