Monday, December 24, 2012

WSO2 Stratos-2.0 - Cloud Controller - Part 1

What is Cloud Controller?

Cloud Controller plays a vital role in Stratos 2.0 and here I list its capabilities and duties.

WSO2 Cloud Controller,

  • is acting as a bridge between application level and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) level via Jclouds API.
  • enables your system to scale across multiple IaaS providers.
  • is the central location where the service topology resides.
  • is responsible for sharing the up-to-date service topology among other Stratos 2.0 core services, periodically.
  • supports hot update and deployment of its configuration files.
  • has inbuilt support for AWS EC2 IaaS provider and Openstack Nova IaaS provider.
  • enables you to cloud burst your system across multiple IaaS providers.
  • allows you to plug an implementation of any IaaS provider supports by jclouds, very easily.
  • enables you to spawn new service instances, while associating a public IP automatically, in order to reduce the instance boot-up time.
  • enables you to terminate an already started instance of a particular service cluster.
  • can be configured to cover many scenarios, using its well-thought-out configuration files.

Awaits the next post on Cloud Controller's SOAP Service Interface...

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