Sunday, October 31, 2010

SeMap - final year project (9th - 22nd October)

On 9th of October I have created a new private mailing list in our sourceforge project account, nldex-devs, since that would be much easier platform for us to have our project discussions going on.  I added all my group members to the mailing list and made them aware about it and requested them to always use this mailing list for project based discussions.
Around 13th October we got few comments from our internal supervisor Dr. Shehan Perera, on our project proposal. We altered our proposal according to his suggestions.
I found few sample SRSs on 15th October, from our seniors and looked at them and discussed with the group members. We figured out the necessary parts for our project’s requirement specification, and divided parts among each of us. I took up the sections of Operating Environment, User Documentation, Assumptions and Dependencies, and went through few resources to find out what I need to write. I put up the basic draft of my parts on 17th October; in our mailing list so all my group members can review them. We planned to finish the SRS on 26th October.
Throughout this period I continued to read on Drools documentation. I had downloaded Drools examples projects and ran them in Eclipse IDE and play around to get familiar with its behaviour. Also I looked at a rule creation method in Drools, called Domain Specific Language (DSL) and will be continued to look at them in coming days as well.
I tried to setup the RelEx in the Eclipse IDE since as it will make our lives easier when dealing with RelEx code. So I successfully setup the RelEx source code in Eclipse IDE. Following are the steps I followed.
·        File --> New --> Java Project --> Create project from existing source --> specified the path to relex folder
·        Now an eclipse project will be created based on the existing project
·        Go to the project root in the Package Explorer in the IDE
·        Right click on it --> properties
·        Select "Java Build Path" --> Libraries --> add external jars, and add the following jar files and press ok.

·        gate.jar
-gate.jar can be found inside the bin folder
·        jwnl.jar
-jar file can be found inside the extracted folder
·        linkgrammar-4.7.0.jar
          -jar file can be found inside the extracted folder
·        opennlp-tools-1.4.3.jar
          -Go to the path of the folder from a terminal and run "ant" command
          -That will build the opennlp-tools-1.4.3.jar for you inside the "output" folder of the same directory.

·        Go to Project and un-tick "Build Automatically" in the menu strip of the IDE.
·        Then go to the project root in the Package Explorer in the IDE
·        Right click on it --> Build Project
·        This will build the RelEx source without any errors.

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