Saturday, December 12, 2009

MatrixManipulator 1.0 is going to be released.......

Here is the overview of the project:

Project Overview

Code Base:

Type: Extension for Calc & Math

Name: MatrixManipulator 1.0


The MatrixManipulator 1.0 is addressed to anyone who is following Advanced Mathematics. This can be used as an extension for both Calc & Math. It's really useful to have a way to check your solutions for the problems on Matrices, that encourages me to develop such thing.

Constraints of the MatrixManipulator 1.0: Since this has a Graphical User Interface there is a limit to the dimensions of matrices. The maximum dimension that MatrixManipulator 1.0 can take is 10x10.

m={2..10}, n={2..10}

MatrixManipulator can determine :

  • Addition & Subtraction of two m x n matrices

  • Scalar Multiplication of a m x n matrix

  • Multiplication of m x n matrix with n x m matrix

  • Transpose of a m x n matrix

  • Whether the given m x n matrix symmetric or skew symmetric

  • Inverse of a 2 x 2 matrix if it is invertible

  • Whether the given two matrices are inverse of each other

  • Determinant of a square matrix

Await for the link that you can download the MatrixManipulator 1.0, in my next post.