Tuesday, September 1, 2009

CSE-Programming Competetion-2009

After many tiresome days of coding & debugging the day of "CSE
Programming Competetion-2009" has arosed yesterday (31st of August). Many attractive clients were competed in order to hunt treasures as quickly as possible.

There were some eye-catching GUIs. One was Nisansa's GUI, it was simply amazing work done by him.

Here's a screen shot of my client.

Briefing about the Client:

  • Its main objective is to grab many treasures as possible which were send by the Server, before they dissappear or before other players take them.

  • Client plays without any user interaction. It was done by an artificial intelligence(AI) which coded by us. We used the A-star algorithm as our main algorithm with some modifications. In this game players are not allowing to move diagonally.

  • There're obstacles & pitfalls which are not change after game started, player get a penalty if it hits an obstacle & player will die if it has fallen into a pitfall.

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