Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Google Chrome- The New Web Browser

One of the problems in other web browsers is they're inherently single-threaded. Google Chrome developers wrote APIs that are asynchronous. They thought about having multiple processes instead of multiple threads, each having its own memory and its own copy of the global data structures. So not like other browsers Chrome has separate processes rendering separate tabs. It eventually makes separate threads as well.
In normal web browsers they only have one process and one address space that we keep loading web pages into. When we have too many tabs open we close some tabs to free up memory. But when time goes on little bits of memory still get used even when the tab gets closed. Which means that we have memory that nothing can refer to again or there’s a piece of de-allocated memory we still have pointers to. If browser wants to open a new tab it can’t fit in the existing space. So browser has to grow its address space. But when a tab is closed in Google Chrome, you’re ending the whole process and all that memory gets reclaimed. If you open a new tab now, you’re starting from scratch.
By experience of using Goggle Chrome I feel that though it is multi process, it takes fairly long time (when we have opened many tabs) to load pages than Mozilla Firefox. I don’t know whether this is correct, but I saw when I opened only one tab, it has made 3 processes(chrome.exe) !!! Something to think !!!!!!!!!!!

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